Group Training Course      5 weeks       $249

5 weeks of group training in our dedicated indoor venue at Barkley Manor in Grey Lynn. Includes a handbook covering all you need to know & some other treats as well.


Complete Puppy Package   5 weeks    $349

See details of Complete Puppy Package here- this includes our Basic Manners Course and a personal at home training session


Refined Manners       5 weeks            $199

Dog and Puppy Training for dogs who have already completed our Basic Manners



Games, Tricks and Agility         5 weeks        $199 

A 5 week introductory course for dogs & owners who enjoy training and want to have a bit of fun! A good grasp of the basics is required (sit, down, stay) and as we work both on and off lead this course is suited to sociable dogs only. 


One on One Behavioural Consultations      

$199  For a behavioural assessment and behaviour modification program for the problematic dog, highly qualified and experienced trainers visit you and tailor training sessions to suit needs.

  • for owners wishing to tackle issues / problems at home or in an alternative environment

  • Suitable for barking, separation anxiety, aggression, fears and phobias

  • We will discuss your particular concerns on the telephone and arrange a the appropriate time and location of a consultation/s


Complete Puppy Package - 5 week group course and a personal in home session

The best way to ensure you get off to the best start with your puppy, setting great routines etc. A good option for families with children as the kids can be involved too.  This package suits new owners who need some support either before their course commences or during their course.


  •  5 week Basic Manners group training course at our indoor venue at Barkley Manor in Grey Lynn
  •  A personal training session within your home or at a park or other suitable location
  •   A printed training manual

Total cost to you is $349.

*Personal training session available weekdays only 9am - 3pm. After hours appointments available at an additional cost.



Behavioural Package - Consultation & follow up training session


  •   A behaviour assessment where history of the problem behaviours are taken
  •   A behaviour modification plan is structured and implemented
  •   A follow up training session- either within your home or another suitable location
  •   Suitable for dogs with more serious issues or with more than one issue or owners who want tailored care.

  Cost $349 * there may be an additional travel fee for visits outside central Auckland - please enquire


Day Training

Owners are constantly saying "if only you could train him for me as he is so good for you" or "I wish Fido could go and live with you for a week", well now we offer Day Training.  We offer tailored packages where dogs are collected from home on a daily basis and we train their basic manners or problem behaviours, then hand them back to you. In today's busy environment we know that it can be hard for owners to dedicate that time to train their dogs, so let the professionals do it for you. Day training is suitable for both dogs that just need to learn a few manners, such as stop jumping up, or coming back when called, or for the more problematic dogs - especially dogs that are fearful or nervours, or leash reactive around other dogs. 

Cost - dependant on the level of training required and your location, please contact us to discuss a package to suit you. Average cost is $180 per day training session.


Dog Training Attendance, the rules!

Missed Classes, Withdrawals, and Refunds:

You are expected to attend your assigned weekly sessions so you can keep up with your group as different topics will be covered in different weeks. If you miss a class your instructor will do their utmost to fill you in on what you missed out on, but there are no “make-up” classes. Once a course has commenced no refunds will be given. We will of course try to help you if you have extenuating circumstances. Personal training sessions must be paid in full at the time of consultation. Cancelations or rescheduling must be made at least 12 hours before your appointment or you may be charged a full fee. Any unpaid invoices could be passed onto a debt collection agency and could incur additional collection fees.