Complete Puppy Package 

5 week group course and a personal at home session

The best way to ensure you get off to the best start with your puppy, setting great routines etc. A good option for families with children as the kids can be involved too.  This package suits new owners who need some support either before their course commences or during their course.


  •  5 week Basic Manners group training course at our indoor venue in Grey Lynn
  •  A personal training session within your home or at a park or other suitable location
  •   A printed training manual and some other goodies too!

Total cost to you is $349

*Personal training session available weekdays 9am - 3pm. After hours appointments available at an additional cost.

Behavioural Package- Personal training sessions


  •   A behaviour assessment where history of the problem behaviours are taken
  •   A behaviour modification plan is structured and implemented
  •   A follow up training session- either within your home or another suitable location
  •   Suitable for dogs with more serious issues or with more than one issue or owners who want tailored care.

  Cost $349


Day Training

Cost- As the needs of each dog and owner will differ we would prefer to meet with you and your dog to ensure we can tailor a package to best suit you, then we will price up a package for you. Approximate cost for day training session is $180.