Behavioural Package- Personal training sessions

Some dogs and owners just need a bit of personalised care, we specialise in behaviour problems. Our trainers come with years of experience dealing with difficult dogs and we are continuosly advancing our education to ensure we are kept up to date with the most modern methods. Every year we attend  training seminars with world renowned international trainers- specialists in their field. Adding new techniques to "our toolbox' means we are able to offer you the best service possible, and our trainers are able to adjust their techniques to suit circumstances.

Some behaviours can be really challenging for owners, so not only do you get the most knowledgable and experienced trainers in the area, we come with empathy and understanding too. When it comes to training we know their are cheaper trainers out there, but our trainers are professionals and will give you THE best advice and a great service too, don't settle for second best as its likely to cost you more in the long run. We are unable to guarantee your dogs behaviour (that would just be silly), but we can guarantee that you will be listened to, respected and given a very comprehensive training plan.

Our training sessions are always hands on, we don't just talk the talk!


  • A behaviour assessment- where history of the problem behaviour/s are taken so we have  full understanding of the issue/s involved and  can establish the best way forward.
  • Training goals are taken- we need to know what you would like your dog to be able to do
  • A behaviour modification plan is structured and implemented in the first session
  • A second follow up training session- either within your home or another suitable location
  • Suitable for dogs with more serious issues or with more than one issue or owners who want tailored care.
  • Owners with more than one dog can select his plan and it will cost you no more.

      Cost $349

    * If we can fix your dogs problem in one visit we will charge you only for that visit.



    Day Training

    Owners are constantly saying "if only you could train him for me as he is so good for you" or "I wish Fido could go and live with you for a week", well now we offer Day training. We are unable to board dogs, but we can offer tailored packages where dogs are collected from home on a daily basis and we train their Basic Manners, then hand them back to you. In today's busy environment we know that it can be hard for owners to dedicate that time to teach Basic manners so let the professionals do it for you. Day training is suitable for both normal dogs that need a few manners, such as stop jumping up, or coming back when called, or for the more problematic dogs- especially dogs that are leash reactive around other dogs. 


    Cost- As the needs of each dog and owner will differ we would prefer to meet with you and your dog to ensure we can tailor a package to best suit you, then we will price up a package for you. The average cost is $180 per day training session.