Our dog training school based at Barkley Manor in Grey Lynn was created for those dog owners who are as passionate about having the best possible relationship with their dog as we are. Our philosophy is that training is a method of communication used to teach your dog the best way to behave. We believe dogs and their owners are happiest when there is a reciprocal understanding of each other. Therefore, not only do we train dogs to understand some human (English) we also train owners to understand a little dog!

Once a dog understands the “rules” so to speak then they have a chance of living happily within a human orientated environment. We firmly believe that prevention is the key, therefore we encourage training from the day you get your puppy. Our belief is that training is about letting dogs be dogs, but having their behaviour under control so they can live within the constraints of our lifestyles. Using this philosophy means we don’t set the rules, you do, ensuring you can enjoy your dog to the fullest.